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The history of Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences dates back to July 15, 1967. Post-graduate educational activities were conducted under the name "Post-Graduate Education Faculty" until February 1982, and were re-organized as of the Article 19 of the Higher Education Law No: 2547.

Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences was established in order to conduct, control and develop the post-graduate programs "in the fields of … literature, art, and social and economic sciences" as of the Article 9 of the Law No: 2809 of March 30, 1983. Today, Institute of Social Sciences conducts its activities with its 129 programs within 41 departments under 6 faculties (Faculties of Letter, Education, Fine Arts, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, and of Communication) and Ankara State Conservatory. Institute of Social Sciences has given a total of 6568 graduates, 83 bachelor's degree students, 4008 master's degree students, 606 students having a master's degree in art, 1662 students having a doctoral's degree in art, and 209 students completed the proficiency in art program.

The Institute contributes to the endeavors of developing universities to raise academic members as of the Article 35 of the Law No: 2547 since 1988. In line with this purpose, the Institute has started the Teaching Staff Training Program (ÖYP) in 2006. The program has been conducted within the protocols signed by the demanding universities, and supported by the State Planning Organization, Ministry of Finance and the Council of Higher Education.

The Institute of Social Sciences is also interested in carrying national educational and research activities on the international platform. Therefore, it supports ERASMUS student exchange programs and sends and accepts students under these programs.

The Institute has started to offer master's programs without thesis as of the 1994/95 academic year, some of which have been conducted at evening classes. The above-mentioned programs aim to provide the students with a comprehensive knowledge in professional issues and relevant skills and experiences in various fields.